Are you miserable or depressed when you're around your parents? Battling depression, it's important you have a strong support system. And that includes having a supportive family. But it can be difficult when it's your parents that are causing some of the trauma you're...

7 Signs Someone is Obsessed With You, Not Love

7 signs someone is obsessed with you and it's not love. 1:  they hate unanswered messages.

7 circumstances that can turn good people bad.

Good People are lucky; a lot of them don't realize that they are one unfortunate event away from becoming bad.

9 Easy Self Care Tips for Depression

Everyone deals with depression in different ways. Some try to handle it by themselves, while others get help.

8 Signs You Were Actually In Love

What is love? For those of us who have experienced love, we know for a fact that it exists,...

6 Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy Love

Love is an instinctive emotion most of us feel, is not fully understood. being a complicated emotion in spite of the ubiquity...

5 Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Friendships & Relationships

Are your friendships or relationships usually short-lived? If yes, what do you think could be the underlying reason?

7 Reasons To Love Someone With Depression

Is there anyone in your life, who you think may be struggling with depression, or perhaps that person is you.

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