7 Signs of A Mental Breakdown

have you ever found yourself in a period of intense mental distress?

That’s what a mental breakdown can feel like, Some experience that progressively while others can feel it very suddenly.

You may even find yourself unable to perform daily tasks due to the feeling of being so overwhelmed.

So here are seven signs you may be having a mental breakdown:

1: isolation

Do you find yourself constantly avoiding social gatherings?  while wanting to be alone from time to time is perfectly normal.

Constant isolation may be a sign of a mental breakdown. According to Novotny premature mortality is often associated with social isolation and loneliness.

If you find yourself avoiding all social situations like spending time with your friends, or even going to work, It may be time for you to reach out for some help.

2: Depressive symptoms

Do you find yourself losing interest in the things you used to enjoy? If you do you may be developing symptoms of depression.

Symptoms of depression are usually associated with loss of interest as well as the inability to carry out daily tasks.

These signs can be indicative of a change in mood, or that you are mentally overwhelmed which could progressively lead to a mental breakdown.

3 : absent-mindedness

Have you been really caught up in your thoughts lately?

mental distress can cause you to think a lot, a person on the verge of a mental breakdown can seem preoccupied as if their mind is elsewhere.

You may even look like you’re silently staring blankly into an open space, which is actually commonly seen in adolescent breakdowns.

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4: unhealthy lifestyle changes

From sleep hygiene to eating habits, severe unhealthy lifestyle changes can be a sign of a mental breakdown. These can include suddenly sleeping really late, snacking too much or not Exercising, because of a sudden loss of motivation. If you find yourself having sudden unhealthy lifestyle changes You might want to check on your mental well-being.

5: paranoia

Are you constantly worried that people are gonna hurt you?

paranoia is a thought process that causes you to have irrational suspicion or mistrust of others.

As paranoia is also known for having constant anxiety related beliefs.

Developing symptoms of paranoia may indicate that you are under severe stress, which can lead to a mental breakdown.

6: slowing down of speech

Have you responded with, I don’t know or I just don’t feel right when asked about your feelings?

One of the earliest signs of a mental breakdown is changes in speech patterns, which can come in the form of hesitation or in the slowness of speech.

This could be due to the emergence of intrusive thoughts or strong feelings you may find difficult to express.

7: panic attacks

Mental breakdowns are periods of intense mental distress associated with anxiety and depression.

Experiencing panic attacks may serve as a critical warning or precursor to having a mental breakdown.