7 Signs Someone is Obsessed With You, Not Love

7 signs someone is obsessed with you and it’s not love.

1:  they hate unanswered messages.

Whether you call text or video chat, it’s normal for couples to communicate on a regular basis. However, obsessive people want to monitor their partners 24 seven. For example, if a phone call goes to voicemail, an obsessive partner would immediately assume something is wrong.

If you don’t respond within minutes, they’ll get angry or accuse you of breaking their trust.

in a loving relationship, your partner should respect your time and trust you and they’re not around On the other hand when a relationship becomes obsessive, your partner’s only after one thing: control.

2: they’re emotionally immature.

Is your partner emotionally mature? According to a 2013 study by MIT and others, obsession goes by another name, immature love.

Immature love is egocentric, unforgiving, and irresponsible. It stems from deep-rooted insecurities which signify a general lack of trust.

Since love and emotional maturity are tightly woven together, many young relationships toe the line between love and obsession.

3:  they take without giving.

What are the core components of a loving relationship? In a 1983 study, Curtis explains that there are four pieces of a healthy romantic relationship. Two of those pieces are giving and needing.

In other words, a loving partner should give as much as they take and take as much as they give when either of these pieces falls out of place.

Love can quickly turn into an obsession. That’s why obsessive partners favorite one or the other.

Some partners give constantly controlling you with pity and guilt. Others take everything from you, almost like they own you.

Whether your partner is impossibly giving or incredibly demanding, your partner isn’t loving you in a healthy way.

Love should be a balance and should impact you and your partner equally.

4:  they romanticize the relationship.

Does your partner exaggerate your relationship?

Many obsessive partners crave the love that doesn’t exist.

They want the kind of romance that exists in stories and fantasies.

So they romanticize their own relationships.And obsessive partner may talk about marriage in the first month, or call you their soulmate after the first date.

If your partner doesn’t see a relationship for what it really is, they may be more obsessive than loving.

5:  they control you with guilt.

Does your partner use guilt as a weapon?

Do they make you feel bad about spending time with friends, family?

Some partners take over your life. They’re only satisfied when they’re the center of your attention.

But that isn’t love. Love is giving your partner the space to live their own lives not restricting their choices.

If your partner controls you with guilt, you’re not dealing with love. You’re dealing with obsession.

6: they’re obsessed with status.

Is your partner obsessed with your reputation our status.

Sometimes people fall in love with wealth, authority, or social power.

According to a 2006 study by Jordan and others. This condition is called a EROTOMANIA.

EROTOMANIA creates a delusion that someone of higher status is in love with you. This false belief begins and obsessive, usually one sided relationship, which may last for years, even decades.

If your partner only cares about your status, they’re not in love with you. They’re obsessed.

 7: they make false promises.

How often does your partner break their promises?

Does your partner swear they’re going to change but never do?

If so, your partner may not be in love with you.

When you love someone, you make promises because you intend to keep them; you’re willing to sacrifice your time and effort to improve your partnership.

On the other hand, if your partner’s obsessive, they don’t want to improve anything, they’re only making promises to gain more control.