7 Signs Someone with Anxiety Likes You

Have you ever felt your heart flutter?

What about the thoughts of a certain someone increasing your body temperature, what we’re saying is, have you ever liked someone?

Having a crush is complicated enough adding anxiety to the mix however is a recipe for confusion panic and maybe a little sweat as someone who lives with generalized anxiety disorder?

I can confirm that life only gets more chaotic when I’ve got my eye on someone.

Needless to say it gets confusing for everyone. involved in an attempt to make things slightly clearer

Here are seven signs that someone with anxiety likes you from my own personal experience.

1: I need your reassurance

If I like you I care about what you think and how you feel about me, the last thing I want is one-sided affection.

So I’ll want to make sure everything is as it seems, just like most people I’ve been hurt in the past.

But my anxious brain is convinced it will happen repeatedly, even little misunderstandings can get blown out of proportion if I have enough time to think.

So reassurance can save lots of stress if I feel comfortable enough to ask for it.

2: I paid very close attention

Anxiety keeps me alert, so I tend to be very detail-oriented in every area of my life, especially when I care about something.

I’m more than willing to spend time and energy diving as deep as possible into the subject the same goes for people.

If I’m interested, I’ll listen closely to whatever you have to say and I’ll make a point to remember the things you like and believe in.

I sometimes worry that I pay too much attention or that I come across as desperate because I made such an effort.

But I know that my attention to detail is simply part of my love language and how I communicate to those I care about

3:  My words don’t come out quite right

When I’m around someone I’d like I can turn into a stereotypical nervous rack.

I fidget, I sweat and I can’t keep words in the right order when I sleep, I know what I’m trying to say, but even I get confused when listening to myself talk sometimes.

It never happens the same way either sometimes I pronounce a word wrong, but other times an entire sentence is mixed up this tends to happen to me in many social situations.

But never quite as noticeably as when I’m talking to someone I’m interested in naturally.

4:  I’ll tell you when I’m anxious

Well, I’m open about my mental health. I’m still very private about it especially in the moment. I’m much more likely to excuse myself and ride the anxiety rollercoaster alone.

Unless I truly want you in the picture. Please don’t take it personally if it takes weeks or even months to open up.

Anxiety leaves me in a vulnerable state, which doesn’t always go over well, it’s easier to be alone, but I’m willing to work to let someone in if they show me they’re willing to work too.

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5: sweaty hands

Modern media can romanticize mental illness until the end of time, but the truth is that anxiety is not pretty.

My face burns red and I sweat like crazy when I’m stuck in fight-or-flight mode And honestly, it’s embarrassing.

I can’t focus on anything else and I fear that others can notice it too, I get preoccupied with whether my flushing is giving away my anxious state, but I usually work myself up over nothing

Everyone gets nervous sometimes more often than not. I’m not the only one with sweaty.

6: I’ll push myself out of my comfort zone

It isn’t often that I cancel plans or take on something new, Routine soothes my anxiety more than any pill or conversation.

But I’d rather spend time getting to know someone I like, this can even turn anxiety into curiosity in a good way.

Trying new things can be exhausting, but I’m much more willing to go out of my comfort zone, if someone I like will come with me. A little excitement can be incredibly motivating

7: I over think therefore I am

While this may not be a quality that others will notice.

In fact, I hope they don’t notice My mind is working constantly, I lose sleep over everyday worries that cycle over and over in my brain.

So you can imagine the kind of chaos that ensues, when I care about someone that may or may not be interested in me.

I ruminate over every single word I say, every word you say, every gesture you make, every question you ask, it never ends.